Providing Behavioral Health Services in Rural South Texas

Youth & Family Services ~ Adolescent Intensive Family Services

These services are intended to meet the needs of the child or youth with identified behavioral and/or emotional treatment needs that has significant involvement with multiple child serving systems.  The child or youth is also likely at risk of out of home placement as a result of behavioral and/or emotional needs. The behaviors and/or mood symptoms may have resulted in–or are likely to result in–juvenile justice involvement, expulsion from school, displacement from home, hospitalization, residential treatment, serious injury to self or others, or death.


The purpose of these services is to reduce or stabilize symptoms and/or risk behaviors, improve overall functioning, and build strengths and resiliency in the child/youth and caregiver through a team approach.  Services should be provided in the most convenient location for the child/youth and caregiver, including the office setting, school, home, or other community location.  Service may also be provided via tele-medicine, if available. Providers may need to consider flexible office hours to support the complex needs of the child/you and caregiver.



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